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Aug 27, 2014
11:04 pm
Aug 27, 2014
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Aug 27, 2014
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Aug 27, 2014
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Aug 27, 2014
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Lilith fare, bloody tournament

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 12:30 AM
updated: 8/22
currently: working on Eri and Smacky pic

Guess I'm a little disappointed in the Lilith releases; not for their quality of course, but only because I was hoping for new outfits for my Genesis 2 Fem demonesses. Back to using Gareee's Martian Princess (whatever happened to Gareee?) and old V4 Aery Soul stuff I suppose. I did buy the Succubus Add-Ons, the tail is highly detailed and poses well. The wings are also good, but I'm not sure if I like the membrane actually connecting to the figure's body. Might pose a problem with action pics, we'll have to see.

TheValtiel is running a tournament where fantasy females duel to the death based on visitors' votes. Lots of famous characters are in it, such as Xena, Red Sonja...and he asked if he could include Smacky too.

I hate it when people beg for you to vote for their art or character, so vote for whoever you want.   ;)   The polls are on the right side of the page.

Ryona Dark Room

VERY IMPORTANT: His site, and this tournament, contains gore and violent sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised. I allowed him to include Smacky in this tournament because he likes the character and was polite enough to ask rather than just doing it without my knowledge. However, I do not necessarily condone or approve of the content, and nothing that happens to Smacky during this tournament, even if she wins, will be considered to be part of her official story.

Still working on the new pic, but it's coming along fairly well. Toughest part is going to be fixing massive pokethrough and deformations on skirts, but the rest shouldn't take too long.

Thanks as always for visiting!


Hm, some interesting stuff in DAZ's new Lilith release. Definitely picking up that Francesca dress and the textures (I'll never pass up an affordable medieval dress), and the free Short Swords look nice (that curved one looks kinda like Smacky's, pretty cool). I'm going to wait until tomorrow on the Succubus Add-Ons because I'd like to see the wings in more sample renders. I don't like large wings on my demonesses, and sometimes wings don't scale down all that well. Also want to know if the naga tail is conforming or geografting and how it blends into the body...but I'll probably get it when all is said and done.   :)

No classic fantasy pasties yet (c'mon you guys, I've been begging/bugging you for years to make more!), but there are two more days of Lilith stuff to come.

I just noticed that there's a "Abdomen Receive Blow" morph in the i13 SQUISH Soft Body effects...hmm...would like to see an example of that. I'm kinda spoiled after the amazing luck I had painting the impact on "Oohhff" though, so I'd probably still have to paint any future ones anyway (and pray they come out half as well).    ;)

Thanks for the votes on the Lust outfit poll. He should have an 'around town' outfit anyway once Smacky drags his butt back to Ronail, but I might have to wishlist it if I buy too much Lilith stuff, haha.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Download the Genesis Smacky and Zero Utilities here:…
Be sure to let me know if you make any art using her so I can feature it!

Download the Smacky INJ/REM files for Poser and Studio here:…
Be sure to let me know if you make any Smacky art!

Make your own Smacky info

Download my seam guides and other free stuff at

Smacky icon by Xamag. Thanks!

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Artist | Digital Art
United States
(yes that is my arm above. Despite making a black original character, I am very, very white). ;)

I am a volunteer English tutor for Japanese university students, and I make 3D renders using DAZ's figures and software. I'm mostly known for making seam guides (colored texture templates) for 3D figures, fantasy battle renders with my original character "Smacky", my old tutorials (like Z-Tooning) and freebies, and for my past fights with fanatical, hypocritical, whining DAZ-hating dumbasses on various 3D community forums. You can find my one commercial product at DAZ3D (Animeyes)…. My Battle Bonanza poses are no longer available at Renderosity (they went into clearance and no one bought them for a month, aww).

I use DAZ Studio 4.6 for all the 3D figure and object arrangement, Photoshop CC for postwork, and After Effects CC for animation.

You can download my seam guides and ancient outdated Poser freebies on my storage website at

Thanks for visiting!

More true now than ever

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Excellent work! I love your painterly look, it's something I've been working on for a long time but I have never gotten anywhere close to what you have achieved. You make wonderful use of it, your pictures are like the covers of books - as I see you have noticed yourself. :)

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