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Greed is not good

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 5:45 PM
updated: 4/23
currently: has a cold

I just read something that I think will be really, really bad for video games...Steam and Bethesda are now allowing Skyrim modders to charge for their creations (while taking 75% of the profits). Let me tell you about my own experiences with screwing with free stuff.

I was one of the top free stuff providers at Renderosity for years, sharing relatively simple but useful things like my Illustrender light sets, lots of poses, character shape presets, and seam guides and transparency maps. Back in those days (more than 10 years ago), the Free Stuff section at Renderosity was great; you could download full clothing sets, quality textures, morphs, and scenes. It wasn't so easy to become a vendor back then, so most everyone was satisfied with creating and sharing content as part of the learning process towards perhaps one day becoming a vendor.

Then suddenly it became very easy to become a vendor. All your creation had to do was load properly and Renderosity would sell it. And in no time at all, Renderosity's Free Stuff section became a graveyard, with nary a texture or clothing item ever seen again. ShareCG now has far more useful items, and nowadays, the learning process towards becoming a vendor consists not of improving one's skill by creating free items, but being told by the store that their product isn't up to standards (which again, is quite rare at Renderosity).

One of my friends here on deviantArt recently started a discussion about why there doesn't seem to be as much activity here as in the past. Many people had many different opinions, but I'll tell you what I think is the cause: Sakimichan and Patreon.

sakimichan is a talented artist who's work you've surely seen on the front page, and she shares tutorials, resources, and videos to her Patreon subscribers. She makes nearly fifty-thousand dollars a month through Patreon. Who wouldn't rush to join Patreon and start charging for your art when that kind of money-making potential exists? Now I personally think all artists on Patreon should be giving *actual* tutorials and resources to subscribers and not simply higher-res version of their artwork or images that they used to post for free, but sure enough, many artists not nearly as popular as Sakimichan are now asking their fans to donate just to see their newest works. Would you pay to see my Smacky art? Probably not, and I wouldn't ask you to - if I ever joined Patreon (and I have no immediate plan to), it would be to share tutorials, character presets or materials, curves and other color correction settings - things that could actually help you with your own art and not just giving you the 'privilege' of seeing my own.

The Sims series of games is a good example of what basically amounted to a genocide of free community content. When I had the Sims 2, there was so much free content on the Internet that you could literally spend all day downloading and installing stuff. There was an occasional 3rd party store, but they mostly sold adult content or very large bundles of stuff. Now, free stuff for the Sims mainly consists of clothing texture maps and oddball mods that let your Sim pee in the yard or get a child pregnant. Everything is DLC (paid downloadable content), approved by EA, often ridiculously costly, and recycled with every new Sims release.

That's what's going to happen if more games adopt this pay-for-mod system. Official DLC for AAA releases (like Mortal Kombat X or a new Batman game) are already $30 (on top of the $50 for the game), and now we're going to be nickle-and-dimed by every mod creator who suddenly decides the mod they made five years ago is worth $5 now? I understand that giant mods require months or even years of work, and dedicated creators do deserve compensation for that kind of work - but when everyone who makes an addon can start charging for it  - just like how anyone can become a 3D merchant or any artist can join Patreon - people are going to jump at absolutely any chance to make a dollar, and the community will suffer.

Just my opinion of course, but I definitely do not like where this is going. People who create deserve to be paid for their work, but not everything created is worth paying for. We're at the point where DLC is finally about to go too far.

Thanks as always for visiting!


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Be sure to let me know if you make any art using her so I can feature it!

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Be sure to let me know if you make any Smacky art!

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Artist | Digital Art
United States
(yes that is my arm above. Despite making a black original character, I am very, very white). ;)

I am a volunteer English tutor for Japanese university students, and I make 3D renders using DAZ's figures and software. I'm mostly known for making seam guides (colored texture templates) for 3D figures, fantasy battle renders with my original character "Smacky", my old tutorials (like Z-Tooning) and freebies, and for my past fights with fanatical, hypocritical, whining DAZ-hating dumbasses on various 3D community forums. You can find my one commercial product at DAZ3D (Animeyes)…. My Battle Bonanza poses are no longer available at Renderosity (they went into clearance and no one bought them for a month, aww).

I use DAZ Studio 4.7 for all the 3D figure and object arrangement, Photoshop CC for postwork, and After Effects CC for animation.

You can download my seam guides and ancient outdated Poser freebies on my storage website at

Thanks for visiting!

More true now than ever

woo liberal animal-loving secular Stamps

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