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Texture fiesta!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 1:09 PM
updated: 7/27
currently: working

edit: Really? Ray Rice - the football player who was suspended a whole TWO GAMES for beating his fiancee unconscious and serving no jail time - receives a standing ovation at training camp.

This sort of news is mostly why I have such clear-cut heroes and villains in my story. I'm sick of seeing rotten people getting away with crimes, becoming famous for doing nothing (or even doing wrong), and being excused for bad behavior by their fans.

Thanks for the votes on the poll. I'm currently working on finalizing Eri (V4 one turned out to be good enough) and going back to an unfinished scene file of Smacky and Master Wendell's room. That's off to a pretty good start, I just need to begin work on making Smacky's side of the room much more messy.  ;)


New Smacky commission by JuneJenssen and a fanart render by Sidhelord. Thanks so much!

I recently bought the Allegorithmic Substance Painter/Designer indie bundle after trying the Substance Painter demo...those are some seriously impressive texturing tools for a lot less money than most 3D painters. I thought Photoshop CC's 3D painting tools were decent, but they're positively archaic compared to Substance Painter, and it's not even complete yet.

One of the main reasons why I did get it was because I'm starting to realize that texturing is really the 'weak link' so to speak of in 3D products. All of the main figures and most clothing and props look very nice when rendered texture-less in a neutral gray ('clay' rendered), but many come with simplistic textures that actually detract from the realism when they share a scene with more highly detailed elements and backgrounds. I've textured a little bit in the past with some success, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to improve and get more use out of products that I might otherwise overlook.

Shortly after buying the bundle, I came across this image on a game mod site and it pretty much hammered into me how important texturing is.

Skyrim ENB (NOT mine) by SnowSultan

That is apparently a Skyrim screenshot using an ENB (shader and environmental modifier) and high-res textures, and even if this is running at 1 frame per second, it's still real-time - with animations, sounds, and music.

Makes me wonder if our 3D art community could learn a thing or two from things like this. Even the Miku Miku Dance animation I linked to below uses cloth and hair physics, and although sometimes choppy and low-res, it's more than we can do.

Thanks for visiting!


Definitely my favorite video in quite a while, and the most entertaining use of MMD (Miku Miku Dance) I've ever seen. This song will be stuck in my head for weeks.

[MMD] Go! Go! Carlito!


Download the Genesis Smacky and Zero Utilities here:…
Be sure to let me know if you make any art using her so I can feature it!

Download the Smacky INJ/REM files for Poser and Studio here:…
Be sure to let me know if you make any Smacky art!

Make your own Smacky info

Download my seam guides and other free stuff at

Smacky icon by Xamag. Thanks!

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Artist | Digital Art
United States
(yes that is my arm above. Despite making a black original character, I am very, very white). ;)

I am a volunteer English tutor for Japanese university students, and I make 3D renders using DAZ's figures and software. I'm mostly known for making seam guides (colored texture templates) for 3D figures, fantasy battle renders with my original character "Smacky", my old tutorials (like Z-Tooning) and freebies, and for my past fights with fanatical, hypocritical, whining DAZ-hating dumbasses on various 3D community forums. You can find my one commercial product at DAZ3D (Animeyes)…. My Battle Bonanza poses are no longer available at Renderosity (they went into clearance and no one bought them for a month, aww).

I use DAZ Studio 4.6 for all the 3D figure and object arrangement, Photoshop CC for postwork, and After Effects CC for animation.

You can download my seam guides and ancient outdated Poser freebies on my storage website at

Thanks for visiting!

More true now than ever

woo liberal animal-loving secular Stamps

I Support My Right To Rant by Foxxie-Chan Atheist Stamp by TranscendenceEngine The Truth has a Liberal Bias. by MartianMeerkat
Support Obama by Shelly-oneechan I'm a friendly Atheist by andshedreamed Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl
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Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix Politics... Yawn by crazylaura64 TMZ Logo Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Obama by ObsidianJackal Gay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa Rape is serious. by MartianMeerkat
My favourite sport by prosaix Kute kittens by prosaix Law and Order SVU by phantom
Fact Free Zone by DragonLordKris Divided by DragonLordKris Pony spamage stamp by Malisu
smoking stamp by RoseRaptor-Stamps JB is a Jackass by GirlWithTheGreenHat OC Stamp by ChibiGem


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Welcome to :iconart-for-everybody: !

Have fun, sumbit some art and take part in contests! :la:

SnowSultan Featured By Owner 5 hours ago   Digital Artist
Thank you for the invitation.  :)   I'm a bit too busy to be involved much in groups these days, but I will submit what I can and you're always welcome to add anything of mine to the group if you like.
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:iconthanksllamaplz: :hug:
RexAngelorum Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Excellent work! I love your painterly look, it's something I've been working on for a long time but I have never gotten anywhere close to what you have achieved. You make wonderful use of it, your pictures are like the covers of books - as I see you have noticed yourself. :)

SnowSultan Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank you very much! Well I've experimented for almost 15 years trying to get 3D renders to not look so "3D-ish", so I'm glad I'm making *some* progress at least.  ;)  There isn't any trick in the actual 3D program though, everything I do towards making it more painterly is done with Photoshop color corrections and other fairly basic methods (masking areas and adjusting the colors/brightness individually, not sharpening the render, etc).

Much appreciated!
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